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a frog the size of texas

August 10th, 2009

09:09 am - Authoshoujo contest!

Three more entries from two contestants up on the AutoShoujo Cover Contest!

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10:33 am - Hah!

While perusing You Suck at Craigslist today, I read the comments on this post about ads for term papers. One of them said, "A few months ago I marked a history paper which was 100% plagiarised from the internet. How did I know it was plagiarised? The paper opened with the words “Sixty years ago, in 1936…”."

Which reminds me of a story I probably already related here, but I'm going to do so again anyway. In my former job, a prof would occasionally drop by my office and ask if I'd do a bit of searching to see if a paper he thought was suspicious had anything taken from the Web in it. He told me that a few years prior, he'd been impressed by a student who came to him and asked if he could write his paper on a particular topic that was dear to his own heart. He said yes, of course. And then was sadly not impressed when the student turned in a paper swiped in its entirety from an article in a specialized encyclopedia that had been written by the professor himself. XD

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01:03 pm - Hum

Went out for lunch today. It cost $8.23. I gave the cashier $10, then said "Oh, wait, I have the $.23," and gave it to her. She'd already rang the $10 in, and then had to call someone over to ask how much change to give me. I feel quite sorry for her - is she just confused by registers? innumerate? learning disability? or just not willing or able to go that one extra step in figuring something out?

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02:26 pm

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08:46 pm - Poor kitten!

Sora is a real scaredy-cat and the slightest thing freaks him out. Tonight, it's the secondary litterbox. As in, I decided it was way past time I actually washed it*, did so, and it's now sitting propped up against the edge of the tub, drying. OMG THIS IS WEIRD. SO, SO WEIRD. This is so incredibly weird that Sora cannot enter the bathroom, despite trying several times, and is now curled up at my feet, staring at the door to the bathroom.

I suspect he may spend the first day or two at the new house shut up in one room, so as to keep him from hiding in someplace where he might get hurt. If he gets too freaked out, I might do what Mom did - her vet gave her some kitty tranquilizers, which she gave to her cat (half-doses), so she spent the first week or so in the new house pleasantly stoned.

* I almost never do that. I just scoop and refill, and when it gets dirty enough, change out the litter.

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