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a frog the size of texas

August 12th, 2009

09:56 am

Ram abseils down a cable after snagging his horn. (He was rescued unharmed, but the story contains photos of him dangling 15 feet up by his horn. We already knew they had hard heads, but ... wow.)

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10:38 am - Yes I am a nerd


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01:04 pm

Dear Server:

If you ignore the table containing myrialux and myself in order to dance attendance upon the two tables with older couples drinking wine with lunch because you think they will give you a larger tip, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

No love,
[info - personal] telophase

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01:30 pm - Separated at birth! Or not.

So, do you often find yourself mixing up people on your LJ/DW reading lists? I find it interesting how I tend to tag people with a few superficial characteristics, which in most cases is sufficient to identify them right off, but in other cases causes me to mix them up for a short bit until I sort them out. I think so far I've managed to sort them out before I've made any comments under the impression that they were someone else.

The thought brought up because my reading list includes the journals of two people who have a few superficial similarities who I mix up all the time. They:

-- are the same gender
-- have the same sort of job at a similar sort of institution
-- have both had a difficult year, albeit for different reasons
-- have the same basic relationship status

and, most importantly to my brain, it seems:

-- their journal names start with the same letter (o noes!)

So, if I ever comment with something that seems completely off-base ... it might just be me mixing you up with someone else. XD

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04:19 pm - Tell me a story!

Specifically, your tales of hilariously (or maybe not so funny) bad service.

Two of mineCollapse )

09:16 pm


Full review later.


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10:28 pm - Children of the Sea, vol 1, by Daisuke Igarashi

In Children of the Sea, Ruka is a girl who gets suspended from her handball team for unnecessary roughness. Her father works at the aquarium and she ends up hanging out there for the summer. Back when she was a little girl, she saw a fish in the aquarium turn into light and disappear. Now, fish from aquariums all over the world are vanishing and no one can explain why. Ruka also meets up with two strange boys living at the aquarium, Umi and Sora, who were raised by dugongs and have a deep connection with the sea and its life.

The feel of this manga is in the Mushishi neighborhood - mysterious things occurring, and an almost spiritual connection to nature. Admittedly, RAISED BY DUGONGS was the primary reason I bought the book, but from flipping through it, I thought it would supply the sort of yearning, numinous feel I love, and so it did - more subtly than Mushishi, but still there. The artwork is loose and expressive, more like the sort of style you see in josei instead of shoujo or shounen. RAISED BY DUGONGS isn't overplayed or ridiculous in context - strange, unknowable things happen in and around the sea in this story and the characters pretty much take it as it comes. It is unlike Mushishi in that it is the first part of one story arc instead of an anthology of loosely-connected stories.

One of the things I thought as I was reading was that seajules might like it, and I'd love to hear what she had to say about it if she read it. :)

Anyway, recommended if you like the slow-moving feel of Mushishi and are a proper fan of things like RAISED BY DUGONGS.

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