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a frog the size of texas

August 20th, 2009

03:36 pm

[info - personal] telophase poll, RIGHT THIS WAY

View poll: #1054

Crossposted to my Dreamwidth account at http://telophase.dreamwidth.org/1586855.html. You can comment here or there.

03:47 pm

ETA: And for those of you who are LAZY and don't want to click over to DW to answer the poll in the previous post, here's the LJ version...Read more...Collapse )

04:29 pm - Woo!

First furnishings in the new place! We went shopping last weekend and among a few things from IKEA that need to be put together, got these two chairs from Eurway while they were having their 20% off sale. They were delivered to the new place today.

cut for picCollapse )
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