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a frog the size of texas

August 23rd, 2009

10:55 am

My grandmother threw a wedding shower for my cousin, which I was commanded to attend this weekend. Am still not home yet - at friends' house in Round Rock, driving back to FW this afternoon.

At the shower, as at ALL SHOWERS I HAVE EVER ATTENDED, the oldest attendee is the one who made the most salacious comment (Anyone else experience this?). The bride put on an apron her mother gave her that had been made by her grandmother, and my grandmother's friend told her that the first meal she made for her husband after the wedding, she was to be sure to wear only that apron. :)*

Have other things I could post about, but have lost the impulse to write any more. YOUR LOSS

* "How long have you been married?" she was then asked. "67 years!" she replied. "Ah, so that's why Sam still has a smile on his face!" they replied.

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10:11 pm - kittyspam

What I really like about my not-so-much-a-kitten-anymore Sora is that although he's turning out to be a large cat, he still has the smallest, tiniest, highest-pitched mew. :D

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