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a frog the size of texas

August 24th, 2009

08:35 am

A quickie this morning from the school's announcement email newsletter:
COMPUTER TROUBLE??? I will help you! I Fix Them.
Normally, all-caps and sentences With Every Word Capitalized Like This drive me nuts, but in this case, I rather like it: it makes me feel that the person who placed the ad is a rather large man in a pin-striped suit named Guido, who will, for a fee, ensure that your computer never breaks again.

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10:32 am - New spam anime!

Hey! Remember the post in which I used subject lines from spam e-mail as episode titles and the rest of you gladly helped me come up with episode descriptions? Well, as I've had a perfect storm of interesting spam subject lines lately (many truncated quotes, I believe), here's another round!

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10:53 am

I don't normally post links to xkcd, mostly because you guys have already seen it, but I FEEL THIS ONE and would staple it to the forehead of everyone who asks me to fix their computer.

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05:37 pm - Free vintage patterns! Through TUESDAY

The COmmercial Pattern Archive has thrown its database open to everyone through Tuesday, August 25th. You can download images of the pattern designs and small scale pattern pieces dating from 1868 - 2000.

Start your downloading engines!


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