September 10th, 2009

manji - not happy

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Temperature elevated all the way to 99.1° As I almost never ever ever get a fever, and as my temp tends to run a bit on the low side, I'm declaring that Significant.

Stayed home from work today; not only did I get a not-very-good night of sleep* but I don't think any of my coworkers want me to infect them. Had a doctor appointment for something completely different this afternoon, but they HAPPILY and QUICKLY rescheduled me when I phoned to explain. :)

I went out and got a new filter for my humidifier yesterday, as the old one had vanished and I don't recall throwing it away when I last used the thing. I now absolutely swear by it - I have ALWAYS had HORRIBLE HORRIBLE coughs that linger for WEEKS after colds, the sort that lead to dry heaves from the violence of the coughs, a faint taste of blood in my throat from straining it, the inability to stop coughing for prolonged stretches during which I CAN'T BREATHE, and worried people gathering around me telling me I need to go to the doctor RIGHT NOW and disbelieving me when I say this is absolutely normal for me.**

But I haven't had those kind of coughs much in the past couple of years, and they're not lasting anywhere near as long, and the timing corresponds exactly with me getting the humidifier. And a couple of times during a cold I've traveled elsewhere for a night and not brought the humidifier, and *those* nights I get the coughs. THIS THING IS NOT LEAVING MY POSSESSION EVER.

* Punctuated by interesting dreams, in which CLAMP featured. The mangakas themselves. Giving a talk. Not that I remember any of it.

** And the doctor then gives me either codeine, which has no effect whatsoever on me***, or these little pills that sort of paralyze the throat a bit, which have a much better effect, but which I can't take more than 1 at a time for fear of DYING. :)

*** I'm sort of wondering if I'm an opiate nonresponder: Vicoden/hydrocodone don't kill pain for me, codeine has no effect on pain or coughing, and I have no idea what it's like to be stoned from these because instead of getting a profound feeling of well-being, they merely make me ever ever-so-slightly optimistic.

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