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a frog the size of texas

September 24th, 2009

09:36 am - State of the telophase

House: moved into.
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So now you know why I've been scarce around here and may be for some time to come. :)

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11:14 am

A post by [info - personal] inkstone reminds me: so far in the house as we're unpacking we've found a sample vial of Prada men's cologne, and a stripper's business card.

ETA: so what things have YOU found in a place you moved into?

ETA2: Also, also - thinking about [info - personal] inkstone's post more: have you ever encountered the superstition of putting pennies in closets/windowsills/corners for blessing/luck? If so, do you know the ethnic background and religion of the person who did it? So far it seems to be a cross-cultural Catholic thing.

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11:42 am - Friskies Cat Cam Photo Pool

Via the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee - Friskies cat food picked 50 cats across the US to wear a camera on their collar for a week which takes a photo every 15 minutes. Starting October 1st, an animal behaviorist will analyze the photos. The best part, though, is that the owners are uploading a selection of pics each day to the Friskies Cat Cam Focus Group Pool on Flickr. (If you use a feedreader you can get an RSS feed of the pics as they're psoted here.)

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12:26 pm - *puts on conspiracy goggles*

Was the Death Star Attack an Inside Job?

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03:23 pm - A few things...

I am informed that in Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, the Pope parachutes from an airplane in advance of an antimatter explosion destined to take out Rome.

My thoughts on the matter are:

-- all the readers of this would probably think manga is too weird to read


-- should I read it so you don't have to? (I'm not reading the DaVinci Code, because I know too much about the actual origins of the beliefs he used to make the plot, i.e. they were mostly made up by some guy in the 1950s and I would spend the entire time shrieking WHY DIDN'T YOU DO SOME BASIC LIBRARY RESEARCH YOU NIMROD at the protagonist.) and is someone going to send it to me so I don't have to spend my own money on it?


Also! I never got back to you on the poll I posted asking what item you thought [info - personal] rachelmanija sent me, because I moved shortly after I posted it, and the item in question got packed away.

The vast majority of you decided that she'd sent me The Playboy Sheikh's Virgin Stable Girl, and I am hereby announcing that you are all Read more...Collapse )
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