October 5th, 2009

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State of the telophase

The Internet Saga is finally over, so I have a happy myrialux again. It's been a comedy of errors - the first AT&T installer discovered that the phone line was cut, so it had to be fixed, and the second installer discovered that the outlets weren't grounded, so that had to be fixed. The electrician failed to call and failed to call and eventually scheduled Friday to come out, and then because of rain was delayed and rescheduled for "first thing Saturday morning" and at 10:30, shortly before myrialux was set to call AT&T and re-delay the install, which had been delayed from the morning to the afternoon, showed up. And luckily he'd brought his skinny apprentice, because the entrance to the attic oops-I-mean-crawlspace is tiny. But we now have a grounded outlet in the living room and a grounded outlet for the washing machine and the AT&T U-Verse install was all set to go.

It took a long time - all Uverse installs do, for some reason, and we discovered all SORTS of weirdness during the process. Such as this: the cable outlets in the living room enter into the hot water heater and A/C closet in the garage before going up into the attic. And when the hot water heater was replaced, whenever that was, whoever had installed it had set one of the legs of the stand directly on top of the coax cable. Destroyed. Had to fix that. And there was a splitter somewhere up in the tiny attic that was causing a problem, so more cable had to be run because neither the installer nor us had any intention of attempting to crawl around in that tiny space looking for it. But it was fine and yesterday myrialux and I sat down and watched a lot of television and set up all our DVR recordings.

We are inexplicably getting only 1 HD stream instead of the 2 we're supposed to get, but that is a minor problem in comparison to not having internet at all, so we can worry about that later this week.

There was a lot of rain on Sunday, and we've discovered a leak somewhere in the roof/attic that is seeping out of the archway between the living room and myrialux's office. Sigh. And there's a water leak somewhere on the property, as we discovered when we received a $345 water bill. We talked to the water people, who sent a guy out to look at the water meter again and confirm it was a leak and not a misreading, and they'll adjust the bill once it's fixed.

BUT WE CAN SURVIVE ALL OF THAT. WE HAVE INTERNET. OK, I can't work at home until myrialux's dad mails us myrialux's old router, which he'd given his parents but they're not using, so we can set up a second router and get stronger signal back in my office, but WE HAVE INTERNET.

The kitchen and master bedroom are completely unpacked and put away. The rest of the place is still a sea of boxes, but now that internet has arrived, I hope we can get the rest done before too long. (What, expect me to unpack all my books without listening to my podcasts? MADNESS) We have curtains up in the living room, which prevents anyone from peeking into the garden room and thence the living room and seeing the TV, and also darkens that area of the living room, which pleases myrialux.

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Near - que?

Arthritis question?

Any of you out there with arthritis, what are some things that help the pain for you? This is one of the places where a cursory web search reveals a lot of noise obscuring the signal, with lots of recommendations of stuff from people trying to sell you said stuff.

I don't get lasting soreness now that I've got The Sandals and I'm not bending my foot as I walk*, but at seemingly random times, the joint in my foot will just hurt - I'd characterize it as a burning sensation - for 15-30 seconds or so. And then stop. I think it tends to go with the foot being physically overstressed or accidentally bending, like when I'm curled up on the couch and my foot is pressed into the cushion before I realize it.

Long-term goals are, of course, to get back to exercising and eating less to lose weight in order to put less pressure on the joint, but that's not too good in the short term. :)

* Although bare or sock feet on hardwood floors mean I shuffle reasonably slowly in the house, as bending my foot is guaranteed to make it hurt later. :) If I'm doing a lot of walking within the house, like unpacking stuff, I leave my shoes on, because I can walk normal speed** without worrying about it.

** Which is slower than most, I grant.

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