October 7th, 2009

Piano - pianoforte!

Piano class

Last night got to class with none of the parking problems of last week. I did good in practicing to page 30, because we only got to page 26 or so by the end of class, so most of it was familiar to me.

What is it about young (ish - 20s and 30s) men and elderly women that makes them always seem to form friendships? :) I've seen it happen before, and this class is no exception, as the one man in it, who's probably around 30 or so, is now tight with the 76-year-old woman who's there because she had a couple of strokes and is learning a new skill to stretch her brain. It's fun to watch them.*

We are now learning to play with both hands, although not yet in chords, and learning to read notes on the staff. As predicted, I'm better with the treble clef than the bass clef, because three years of playing the violin and using only the treble clef** has informed my experience. :)

My RSI-afflicted wrist is not yet hurting, which I take to be a good sign. I'm trying to maintain proper curved fingers as I play, even though it's not easy, because I think it helps to prevent RSI. I have also indulged in my usual habit of buying books*** (spurred by a 25% off coupon from Borders) and purchased the Alfred beginning piano for adults book. It should help in that it's got lots of familiar songs in it, not just songs composed by the writers for instructional purposes like the book we use in class. I understand the utility of composing such songs, because it allows the student to focus on only 2 or 3 specific things at a time, but psychologically it's so nice to play something recognizable. I think using both in conjunction might help me keep at it a while longer. :)

* One considers that, aside from Harold and Maude, maybe it's because it's a cross-gender relationship that doesn't have a potentially sexual component? If you're stuck in traditional gender roles, I can see where that would be freeing.

** Er, I think? I don't actually remember anything, but the treble clef is so much more familiar to me than the bass.

*** I'm like my dad every time I get into a hobby: always buy as many books as possible about the subject. :)

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Cats - Sora and Nefer


Also at the bookstore last night I unexpectedly came upon Pratchett's lastest, Unseen Academicals. I've got it, am about halfway through it. It's not going to be one of my favorites, being fairly standard Diskworld fare, but I find even bog-standard Pratchett to be comfort reading. :)

P.S. It's about Unseen University fielding a football team.

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