October 20th, 2009

FMA - Ed panicking


Last night's entertainment was going to the apartment of a couple we know who are out of town for a few weeks and cleaning out their fridge and freezer. The power had gone off and due to an error on the part of the company remained off for a week instead of for a few hours, as we discovered Sunday night when we checked on the place. It was turned back on yesterday after a furious phone call from the residents.

The fridge itself wasn't too bad, as it had been mostly emptied before they left, but the freezer was another matter. Most of the stuff was in boxes and still was, except for a bag of raspberries that leaked all over the bottom of the freezer and a chicken which had done much the same, forming a week-old raspberry-chicken slushie once the power returned.

The fridge is now empty and a base level of cleaning done, unplugged and propped open with enormous bowls of baking soda sitting in it in an attempt to absorb some of the odor. Which, while still lurking around the kitchen, is significantly better now that the chicken is no longer in the place.

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