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a frog the size of texas

October 22nd, 2009

12:41 pm

ADHD flaring up uncontrollably at work, so have installed LeechBlock on Firefox, which keeps me from going to a list of websites I choose between hours I set (9-12, and 1-3, if you're interested). As we're heading into the huge push to code the new website now, this is a necessary thing.

Made the decision not to do Yuletide this year, as I have no spoons left at the moment. It's annoying, because the only way I can make myself write is to have a deadline imposed on me from outside or to be collaborating with someone else who helps me stay on track*, and I'd like to write.

Have discovered that it's been long enough that the local library no longer has a record of the late fees I owe them** or, indeed, of me, so I have gotten a new library card and myrialux has agreed to put the reminder on his iPhone to turn them in whenever I check them out. Am now therefore most of the way through Brandon Sanderson's Warbreaker, which is holding my interest in a way that his Mistborn trilogy utterly failed to do. Even though the magic system doesn't ring true to me :) (Well, less the system and more the terminology, if that makes sense.)

* True of many projects of mine. This is why I tend to post here whenever I get an idea and see if anyone's interested in helping. And why most of them wither and die - nobody steps up to say "Yes! I'll do [such-and-such]!" and I don't have the focus to do it on my own (many original writing and art projects, frex) or to be the sole leader of such a project (the bishounen card game, frex).

** Librarians are the worst at returning books.

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