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a frog the size of texas

October 25th, 2009

11:35 am - Blast from the past!

I've scanned a bunch of the photos we took when we lived in Tanzania, and am typing in the letters Mom wrote on back of them when she sent them to my grandparents.

(For those of you not in the know, we lived in the Serengeti National Park when I was 4 to 6, while my dad did research for his PhD in wildlife ecology.)

On a whim, I typed in the name of one of the kids there - the name of the son of the Director of the Research Institute, and lo and behold, what came up was a letter he'd written to the magazine Ebony Jr. which was printed in January, 1975!

He is misidentified in the caption as a girl, but he was really a boy at the time. :) The hippo pool he mentions I've been to, the lorry that drives in provisions from Arusha is the same one that provisioned us, and the Cessna and the Piper Cub were the planes that picked us up from the Nairobi airport and flew us into the park. :) The Director of the research institute and his wife - Lukiko's parents - flew the Cessna in and Mom and I rode with them, while someone else flew the Piper Cub and Dad rode with him. My first memory of Africa is looking out the window while the Director banked and circled a giraffe and a herd of zebra to let us see them. :D

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