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a frog the size of texas

October 28th, 2009

08:25 am - Arg!

I have been doing really well lately at taking my Strattera in the morning, but we've now hit a snag. You see, the reason I've been able to remember every day is due to following a suggestion from my doctor - putting a glass of water next to my bed every night so it's there in the morning and I see it.

Problem is, Sora's now found this Neat! New! Water! Source! and drinks from it in the night. Putting a book on top of the glass no longer dissuades him, as he's discovered he can knock it off, and last night I discovered that covering the top with Glad Press N Seal doesn't work, as he simply knocked the glass itself over.*

The next obvious solution would be a bottle of some sort I guess.** I don't want a plastic one of the sort that you buy water in at the grocery store because after a couple of rounds of washing they develop scratches on the inside which, I am told, can harbor some pretty nasty bacteria. Do the metallic ones made for cyclists have an inside coating which stops the water from tasting like metal? And do they make them in small versions? I don't want a huge thing, mostly because it just needs to hold enough water to let me take the meds I take at night and the one med in the morning.***

Provided I don't kill the cat before then, of course.

* After, of course, dislodging the Press N Seal so that water went all over the bedside stand.

** myrialux keeps threatening to get me a sippy cup.

*** The solution is not to thake the morning med at a later time. I've tried that. The ADHD makes it impossible to remember to take it consistently, which makes the ADHD worse, which... well, you get the point.

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