October 30th, 2009

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Does anyone here know anything about XML and XSLT? Specifically, how to use functions?

More specifically, I've got an XML file (Atom feed) that contains this:


I need to turn that into something human-readable. My knowledge of XSLT extends solely to the ability to select pieces of text out of a string like that: i.e. I can make "2009-10-29T21:11:09Z" appear on the page. If I want to get ambitious, I can put HTML tags around it. That's it. And an hour and a half of perusing the Web has done nothing but start to bring my migraine back.

And I'm now off to puppleball's birthday celebration, and will return at some point. Anything anyone knows would be helpful - I can find lots of lists of functions for XSLT, but not a single word on HOW to use them.

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