October 31st, 2009

goku - chewing


Last weekend it was Boeuf Bourguignon and stuffed peppers (not the same day). This weekend, Coq au Vin (today) and Sausage and Potato Ragout (tomorrow). I am not actually intending to cook French, it's just working out that way. :)*

We bought candy, and had no trick-or-treaters until about 7:30, when 3 showed up at the door. I gave them each 3 pieces of candy, because I figured they'd be the last. Ah-ha-ha-ha. Fifteen minutes later, a gaggle of about 20 descended onto our doorstep, so I handed out most of the candy, and then myrialux and I decided that we wanted to keep the rest of the candy, so we shut the door and turned out the porch light.

I take it from this that there are no local children trick-or-treating - it's not like the neighborhood is set up for safe walking because it's a busy street with no sidewalks and hilly lawns - and judging by the parents with cars shepherding the kids around, I suspect they're what I call professional trick-or-treaters. The kind whose parents drive them to hit every single neighborhood within a five-mile radius, instead of sticking close to home and extorting candy solely from your neighbors.

The amusing part is that they descended upon us shortly before the coq au vin was finished, so all the kids were going "Oooh, your house smells good! What are you cooking?!" I made the spur-of-the-moment decision to translate the name of the recipe, as the kid ranged in age from about 5 to about 12, and I thought "Coq" was going to provoke far too many sniggers. :)

* It has more to do with having about a jillion bottles of red wine that I keep buying but not drinking. Have to get rid of it somehow.

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