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a frog the size of texas

November 13th, 2009

09:52 am - Happy Friday the 13th!

Tell me about any superstitions you might have. :)

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12:33 pm

And just to add this link to the list of fox shrine tags, as I've linked it from my yuletide letter: fourthage couldn't find the shrine at all, which deepens the mystery. :)

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04:07 pm - Ugh

Tomorrow is an EXTREEEEEMLY IMPORTANT FOOTBALL GAME here* and thus life is currently very uncomfortable for those of us who despise most sports.** I have already been chided none-too-gently by a coworker for inadvertently wearing a shirt that incorporates the opposing team's colors***, and there's been a helicopter flying over the stadium for an hour, presumably getting color footage to use in the game broadcast tomorrow and DRIVING ME INSANE.

Have made note to be nowhere near the campus tomorrow.

* Something to do with trying for the first undefeated season since 1938, which I understand, and something about bowl games, which I don't.

** More uncomfortable than usual, considering that I'm in Texas, where football is the national pastime.

*** I said "I don't follow sports." She said "It's not just sports! It's national!" I said "The difference between you and me is that to me it's just sports." She stopped talking to me after that, presumably sensing that I was going to go for her throat shortly if she didn't.

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