November 17th, 2009

Mushishi - night moves

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Via [info - personal] nijibug: Mulan live-action film. Movie, and site, in Chinese. ([info - personal] yhlee! Chinese battle formations!) [info - personal] nijibug reports that it looks to be sticking to the historical documents more than the ballad, so she may die on the battlefield. (I could do without the love story, but it seems no modern movie can be made without one. I'll be watching it for Chinese battlefields.)

I had a dream last night that made me ineffably sad when I woke up, as in it I was reading a trilogy of books that were The Perfect Books. The dream was suffused with that emotion you get when you've picked up a book, are reading it for the first time, and it's right -- it hits you in all the right ways, and you can't put it down, and the moment you've finished it, all you want to do is start over from the beginning for the very first time.

Unfortunately, the books don't actually exist. Collapse )