November 20th, 2009

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Clients from Hell.

Reading this makes me very very glad that I don't do websites for strangers for money anymore. Of the last two times I accepted a client:

1) the first one said she had a jewelry store and wanted me to mock up a site for it. That was the sum total of information she gave me. I wrote back, asking what sort of jewelry, what feel she wanted for the site, whether she was selling online or it was more a brochure, etc., explaining that I didn't start sites until after I had that information. She never replied.

2) the second one I very carefully explained that I could not start the site until a specific date four weeks in the future, as I had finals and final projects due (last semester of grad school). She agreed. Then phoned me three days later and left a long message about the site and what they wanted done and how I should call her back so we could get started right away. I didn't bother.

I am not cut out for freelance web design. At least in my current position I, ironically, have a lot more autonomy.

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Cats - Sora and Nefer


I uploaded the picture of Sora in the desk lamp's light in the previous post to icanhascheezburger to caption it with "sunlamp...i haz one", and when it asked if I wanted to let others caption it or to keep it private, I said what the hell and let people do it.

You can see the results here. XD

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