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a frog the size of texas

November 23rd, 2009


...spurred by listening to podcasts of the BBC History Magazine all weekend.

So. We've got a time machine. And you're an academic, and as such are allowed one day-long trip in this time machine (too many people clamoring for trips; it has to be carefully scheduled!). You can go back and interact with people and events, or you can go back as an invisible observer (for instance, I'd love to observe the Mongol horde to see how the steppe warriors lived, but NO WAY IN HELL would it be as anything other than an invisible observer).

Where and when do you go and why?

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09:42 am - This weekend...

...was the only time for a while that I'd have to sit and think and write my yuletide story, so naturally what I did was make the final push on unpacking.

So, I:Read more...Collapse )
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