November 25th, 2009

Hiromasa - Uh...what?

Aaaand another one

Honestly, I leave comments enabled on the Grimmjow and Orihime picture because I'm amazed at HOW MANY people leave variants of this comment on it:
awwww how cute! lol he looks like hes gonna rape her!

(Policy change: I'm going to stop posting RAPE IS FUNNY/CUTE/ATTRACTIVE comments from that picture under f-lock. I no longer see a need to protect the commenters from being mocked. But if you go over to DA and engage them about their attitudes, please (a) be civil so I don't get kicked off DA* and (b) let me know, so I can go keep an eye on it and do any banning of sputtering teenyboppers if necessary.)

* I'd prefer to get kicked off for something I did myself, rather than for potentially inciting someone else to do something, if that makes sense.

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Cats - Sora and Nefer

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Accomplished today: shopping for printer paper, ink, and a cork board, picking up Thanksgiving dinner from the restaurant at which I ordered it, Aventino, whose ads all feature a misspelled URL. I got turkey breast, the gorgonzola mashed potatoes, the bacon, onion, and sage bread stuffing, and the apple butterscotch pudding. I got Mom some cranberry sauce at the grocery store and need to do one last emergency run for gravy and whipping cream. I shall be baking lactose-free pumpkin pie later this evening.*

I've also finished baking the cookies I started making Sunday for next week's final piano class. I've got a cookbook for miniature desserts, and this is a chocolate chip swirl cookie. It's basically this: make chocolate chip cookies with the zest of one orange. Divide the dough in half, stir cocoa and mini chocolate chips into one half. Roll the two halves out to about 1/8" thick - about 16" x 8". Chill 2 hours. Brush a little water onto the lighter half, invert the darker half on top of it, press with fingertips to form a seal. Cut across and then down to form 4 pieces, roll them long side first into cylinders. Chill at least 2 hours, up to 3 days. SLice into 1/4" slices, bake in 350° oven for 10-13 minutes, until bottoms just turn brown.

They turned out good, although this recipe produced a slightly less sweet cookie than I was expecting. I may try it again with a regular chocolate chip cookie recipe.

* Get a can of pumpkin that features a recipe on it where you add sugar separately from the condensed/evaporated milk, instead of sweetened condensed milk. Cook using the recipe, substituting lactose-free whole milk for the condensed/evaporated milk, and increasing the number of eggs by one. Cook as normal, but increase the time by 15 minutes if needed. Will be lighter in texture, closer to a custard than a normal pumpkin pie, which I prefer anyway.

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Near - dork


And like all the cool kids, I signed up for a beta invite to the Archive Of Our Own, and here is my site there. I've only uploaded the Bleach fic I wrote two years ago, as the other two fanfics I've got* are both Yuletide and they're moving Yuletide over to the A03 at some point soon, so I figure I'll hold off and see if they get imported or not. No point in me putting in extra work, I say. :)

* Prolific, I am not.

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