November 29th, 2009

Cats - Sora and Nefer

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My mother flew up for Thanksgiving, and last night myrialux and I bundled her back on the plane for her flight home. Once we got home, Sora was FINALLY able to relax, inasmuch as he ever relaxes, after THREE WHOLE DAYS spent with this STRANGER IN THE HOUSE. He spent the vast majority of the time holed up in the Catcave, which is what we call the cat furniture that's set up in my office. He'd occasionally come out, if I was there and Mom was speaking quietly and not looking at him, and sneak around us in a circuit, then rush back to the safety of the Catcave.

By the third day, he'd worked up enough bravery to stay by Mom long enough for her to briefly touch him, and to hole up under the A/V rack and stare at her from a distance, but he would still like everyone to know that it was TERRIBLE and SCARY and HORRIBLE.

When we came back from the airport, after dinner I went back to the office to play some games of Bejeweled Blitz, and Sora came out, climbed on top of me, and fell asleep. For THIRTY MINUTES. He never stays asleep on me that long! I think that he'd been so keyed up for three days because of the OBVIOUS CAT-GETTER that my mother is that once all the tension was released, he was exhausted. :)

On the bright side, he may now realize that myrialux isn't so bad. We caught him a few times sitting on the towel myrialux placed behind his computer monitor and seasoned with a hint of catnip, staring at Mom, so perhaps he will spend some more time there now. :)

Nefer, on the other hand, viewed the whole experience with equanimity. Her opinion is that a visitor simply means someone else to scritch her.

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