December 4th, 2009

Near - que?

Chinese reading people?

Is there anyone out there in DW and LJ_land who can read enough Chinese to do a search for tutorials on digital painting in Chinese novel style (fantasy/historical romances, primarily, I think)? I do know there's a variety of styles encompassed within that heading, but the ones I'm talking about tend to feature finely modeled/blended skin tones and sort-of airy, less defined backgrounds. I'm also more interested in modeling the skin and facial features and the backgrounds, not in laying down the patterns.

Er, I'm not asking you to translate it, but to look for tutorials/walkthroughs/in-process/steps with screenshots or videos so I can study it and try to figure out how they're doing it.


Examples of what I'm talking about: (hell, Feimo's entire gallery) (A little rougher) (A little rougher)

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Annual Stuff-Pimping Post!

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