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a frog the size of texas

December 7th, 2009

09:14 am - I meme, therefore I am

On the twelfth day of Christmas, telophase sent to me...
Twelve foxes drumming
Eleven deadlines piping
Ten audiobooks a-leaping
Nine moomins dancing
Eight tutorials a-milking
Seven comicworks a-drawing
Six mythbusters a-cooking
Five co-o-o-omics
Four tabby cats
Three fortean times
Two picaresque novels
...and a bleach in an anthropology.
Get your own Twelve Days:

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09:54 am - Signal boost

Posting a link to the post I put up last week wherein, if you or someone you know, are selling your creative work (books, comics, crafts, art, whatever), you can drop a link for anyone who may be looking for such stuff.

Provided you can get through my tortured syntax.

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11:49 am

This won't mean anything to 99% of you, but I finally cracked a problem with our SQL queries to the catalog at work. We've parameterized them using ADO Command objects to help stop SQL injection attacks, and were having a bitch of a time connecting to the catalog with some SELECT queries, which would fail with an "Invalid use of default parameter" error.

Turns out the problem lies in sending a parameter without a value. When working in classic ASP, VBscript automagically puts in a special null called DBnull in those cases, which causes SQL Server (eta: Oracle, in this case, actually) to freak out. You have to explicitly rename it to null (strVariable = null). Solution found here.

I had no clue there were different types of nulls. I mean, it's a null!

(Most of you, if you read all the way through that, are now thoroughly confused, but maybe it'll eventually help someone who's Googling the problem. :D)

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03:22 pm - Betty Cornell's Teen-Age Popularity Guide

...copyright 1951-1960.
Read more...Collapse )

She also has a book titled All About Boys, which we have upstairs. Shall I go get it?

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