December 16th, 2009

Near - que?

Right. Yuletide.

I am going to bust my butt to finish the draft of this thing tonight; is there going to be anyone online tomorrow who can give me a quick read and tell me where it sucks so I can attempt to fix those places on Thursday and Friday evenings? I don't need a line-by-line beta (and don't think there's time, anyway), I will need more of a "I'm not sure what this is supposed to be; you're confusing me here, I got bored at this point" and if you have suggestions to fix such things, gratefully accepted!

Fandom is decently small, smaller than your average Yuletide fandom, I think, and there's no offers on the beta-offer post for it, but I think you can gather enough from Wikipedia to wing it well enough. There are four of you f-listers who are also on the LJ community for the series and if you would like a hint to see if you can canon-beta it for me, the name of the comm is the second word of the original title, and I'm on the membership of it so you'll see me there. (I don't think that'll give it away to anyone who doesn't already know. :)

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