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a frog the size of texas

December 22nd, 2009

08:25 am

octopedingenue linked to this Japanese BL pose book, and I spent some time exploring the "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" section on amazon.co.jp to find some interesting reference books.

What seems to be a traditional Japanese town ref book
The British Male Uniform Collection
Male Nude Collection (in all seriousness, looks like an artistic pose book)
The AWESOME BOOK OF HANDS that I own (It's all photos of hands!)
18th century European costume?
Martial arts in slow motion (well, a sequence of photos for each move)
More ot the same, with weapons!
BOOK OF GIANT PROPELLERS (probably industrial area reference; or maybe even specifically naval industrial)
Surgical art reference! (enough medical drama manga out there, it's probably useful!)
Western costuming Ranging from an awkward-looking Julius Caesar to the New Deal, it looks like.
Viking reference!
Cowboy reference!

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09:48 am

Onoraptor Makes a Friend (Etsy) Coloring book by chibicharibdys.

ETA: That listing sold out, but it was relisted!

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02:47 pm

Is there a Chinese-reading person out there who can tell me what the note on this deviation says? I think she's explaining what texture she uses, but I'm not sure. :) Thanks!

ETA: Done! Thank you, [personal profile] nijibug! (See comments on DW post)

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