Been a long time since I dun art, huh?

A few weeks back, I came across the work of Japanese artist Ikenaga Yasunari in a blog post at My Modern Metropolis. He uses brush and canvas to do his works, but as they relied on large-scale patterns and the canvas texture, I figured I could do something similar digitally.

Ikenaga Yasunari's website

The frame thing ended up on there by accident - I was trying to work out where an 8x10" section of it would be, and found I rather liked the effect. :)

Detail of the face:

I think I could make the shading on the face a little more contrasty, because it sort of got lost after I threw the final textures on. I also had to use a sandstone texture instead of a canvas texture because I couldn't find a free canvas texture that I liked that was large enough. Ah well.

I traced the face and clothing from this photo at morguefile.com, by Chilombiano, then painted the face and then began the arduous process of finding large-scale free patterns that I liked enough to use. I'd still rather the background was a bit more vine-y, more organic and less rectangular, but oh well. It's OK as it is.

And after I thought I'd finished, I realized the patterns needed to follow the folds in the clothing so had to redo all of them. XD

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