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a frog the size of texas

April 11th, 2016

09:39 am

Two things:

1) One of those companies that gets unclaimed property for you and charges a percentage of it (you can get the same money yourself without giving anyone a percentage) has phoned me and sent mail to me trying to get me to contact them back about unclaimed property belonging to the estate of my mother.

My mother is not dead, and is in full possession of her estate. They even called HER number and left a message for me concerning contacting them to reclaim property belonging to her estate. I am terribly, terribly curious as to why they seem to think she's dead, but I don't really want to contact them back. (I have done unclaimed property searches--there is nothing in her name.)

2) Librarian Rhapsody: https://youtu.be/YLaWsjv92E0

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10:00 am - Also!

This is going to be the Year of the Theatre for Toby and I--we've already seen a couple of things I don't remember offhand, went to see David Mamet's Sexual Perversity in Chicago at the university where we work a couple of weeks back[1], and we went over to Dallas to watch/listen to/experience the Ghost Quartet on Saturday.[2]

The university is putting on The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas at the end of the month, which we may go to--and we've invited Toby's mom since she likes it--and we've got tickets to The Intergalactic Nemesis in May. WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END?

[1] Toby loves Mamet's dialogue, and neither of us had seen this play before. I'd seen the first About Last Night, which was an adaptation of it that Mamet hated, but remembered nothing other than the bathtub scene. Impressions: we both thought the whole of the play was sort of eh, the actors did a good job but Mamet kind of lost the thread in the middle. They set it in the era it was written-the '70s--but you could easily update it if you wanted to because the male characters are pretty much Red Pillers (Urban Dictionary link).

[2] "A song cycle about love, death, and whiskey." Ghost Quartet. The performers sing a number of songs that spiral around and in and out of myth, fairy tale, and mystery, following four generations of a family, focusing on the relationship between two sisters. We liked it a lot, although Toby thought they were trying a bit too hard at some points, while I disagree. :) Still. Highly recommended, if it comes by your place! You can also buy the soundtrack on Bandcamp, and I suggest that you do.

Staging was nifty--each of the performers plays a number of instruments, and the audience sits in a U-shape around a performance space. The women performers are on stage, mostly, while the two men sit out in the audience area. At times they interact with the audience--sending whiskey around at one point, handing percussion instruments out at another. What was unexpected and very effective is that for a space of about four songs, they turn out all the lights, so you're sitting in total darkness. For the ending (rot-13'd because it is kind of a spoiler), gur cresbezref oevat vafgehzragf bhg gb gur nhqvrapr naq tvir gurz gb nhqvrapr zrzoref naq unir gung crefba cynl vg (klybcubar, qehz, rgp), naq nsgre rnpu zrzore cnffrf bhg n srj bs gurz, gurl fvyragyl qvfnccrne. Riraghnyyl jr nyy ernyvmr gung gur nhqvrapr vf cebivqvat gur zhfvp, naq vg'f hc gb hf jura gb fgbc vg. :) Bapr rirelbar qevsgf gb n fgbc, gur cresbezref erghea gb gnxr gurve objf.

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02:52 pm - Texas Gothic...it speaks truth

(original on Tumblr, in tiny text, here)

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