State of the telophase

Disabling comments, not wanting to deal with them at the moment. Unfiltered also, to explain to everyone what's been going on and why I will either be scarce around here or obsessively posting on any little shiny thing that distracts my attention or, more probably, swinging wildly between the two.

So this is what's been up in the last few weeks:

-- we're in the process of buying a house. Closing in mid-July.

-- we've been snowed under by the requisite paperwork for that, plus all the emotional implications of WHAT DO YOU MEAN PEOPLE THINK WE'RE OLD ENOUGH AND RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH TO BUY A HOUSE?!

-- we're being driven nuts by the animal life in and around the rental house we're currently in, including what seems like a flood of roaches, squirrels in the attic, and an invasion of fleas last week. Fleas have been taken care of, property management company will be called YET AGAIN about the squirrels on Monday, and as the property manager does not seem to be concerned about the roaches, we merely curse him thoroughly every time we squash one, and wonder what his other properties are like, and also repeating to each other that it's worth umpteen thousand dollars not to have roaches. (And we're going to employ an exterminator to treat the new house before we move in, so that any animal or insect life clinging to anything we bring over will be met with instant flaming death.)

-- my grandfather is seriously ill - pretty much of old age, as he's 90 - and I went down to visit him this week. It's not the sort of thing you really recover from, we're just hoping for some good time left.

-- I have had frequent migraines due to heat, thunderstorms, and oh yes TENSION, YA THINK?! My doc knows, and I have an array of medications to battle them.

-- I am now obsessing and stressing over finding a couch that will complement our two armchairs in the new house, because by god I am FORTY YEARS OLD and I would like to live in a house that is NOT decorated like a college student's, with furnishings of any old style crammed in any which way, and I'm equally ready to graduate from IKEA. At this point, I don't much care WHAT style it is, I just want to walk into a room that flows nicely and feels right. We're not even going to buy until we move in, but, well, it's one damn thing I have control over in my life right now and by god I'm going to control it.

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