Maybe you can find this...

...as I'm having no luck.

A few months back I ran across a website that had a large collection of exercises and their descriptions, which also had a workout routine generator. You could enter in (a) the time you had, (b) the equipment you had, and (c) other stuff, including gender and what you were hoping to accomplish with the workout. It would then generate a routine for you from the exercises in its database. You did not have to log in.

It is not the Sparkpeople workout generator. That gives you pre-formed routines, while the site I'm thinking of created them on the fly. It is also not the ExRx site, which does not create routines (although the site I'm thinking of has a collection of exercises like ExRx does).

It's been frustrating me for half an hour, and none of the searches I can think of are finding it. Why the hell I didn't bookmark it at the time I found it, I'll never know.

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