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Just spent time trawling Angie's List for people who can install window laminate* and exterminators.**

Also, over the past few days, have discovered evidence that my maternal bio-grandmother (i.e. the one that died a year after I was born, not the one I know who is my granddad's second wife) shaved quite a few years off her age. XD Mom told me that her marriage to my grandfather was not looked on with favor by his family because she was ten years older and (shock! horror!) divorced. Her gravestone has her birth date as 1918, but I managed to find her in the 1920 U.S. census as 9 years old and in the 1930 census as 19. No marriage/divorce records yet, as pre-1966 Texas records were kept at county level and not state, so it's going to be harder to find them if I don't want to call up every county she might possibly have been in and ask.

* Security laminate. Will stop smash-and-grab people from kicking in a window, grabbing a TV or PlayStation, and running, although won't stop those who will kick in a door or pro thieves who plan stuff out. But will provide some peace of mind.

** Hopefully new house has no pest problems. We plan on treating it prophylactically so in case anything comes over in or on our stuff, it is met with instant chemical death.

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