We should be getting intartubes today, provided all goes well. The move on Wednesday went well -- they gave us an estimated price for 4 guys, 2 trucks for 8 hours and it ended up only taking 5, whee.

Picked the cats up yesterday - Nefer is taking it more-or-less in stride, although as at the last place she really, really wants to go into the garage and is annoyed at us for not letting her in there. Sora spent the first hour or so at home wandering around mewing plaintively, then curled up under the bed to feel sorry for himself for another hour before coming out and investigating the place thoroughly. He's very needy right now, and I had to throw him off me several times during the night because he wanted to sit on top of me and pummel me knead me roughly while purring.

And of course because it never rains but it pours, on Tuesday my car started intermittently showing the brake warning light on the dashboard. I looked it up on Thursday morning in the manual, and it was either that my brake fluid was getting a little low or OMG CATASTROPHIC BRAKE SYSTEM FAILURE GET OUT OF THE CAR, BACK AWAY SLOWLY AND CALL A TOW TRUCK NOW!!!. When the manual tells you to get the car towed... So yesterday we drove to the closest Authorized! Saturn! Service! Provider! and left the car there. I should be getting it back today, yay.

Feeling off-kilter today because I forgot to take my meds yesterday what with the car stuff happening. Of course. :)

Also, last night we were standing in the garage with a flashlight sweeping up remnants of the box of trash the previous owners left (some sort of glass-ish stuff in there, the flashlight was to look for reflective stuff the garage light wasn't picking up) when a woman across the street and down a house or two called out and asked if we were looking for a mouse. Huh? We said no, and she said that she could have sworn a mouse ran over her foot. When the exterminator came last week, he went into the attic and said that there were old mouse traps up there, so I expect the neighborhood as a whole has mouse problems. He treated for rodents and other pests, so hopefully we won't have any more. The area is surrounded by plains, pretty much, and we'll be having a toll road driven through it in the next couple of years, so I expect a lot of displaced wildlife to show up.

And speaking of wildlife, the neighborhood has several killdeer in it, which I think is totally awesome. :)

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