AT&T Uverse installer failed to show up, and naturally neitehr of us can get through to customer service because they're "experiencing long wait times" and tells you to call back or use the website before hanging up on you. So you don't get the chance to ask for "a fucking customer service rep" because if you use profanity at the machine, it slots you through to a real person instead of making you go through the menu of options.

Website, naturally, has no record of order.

My prediction is that, after the trouble of convincing them that yes, we did want overlapping service at our two residences, with the current service ending July 31st and the new service starting July 22nd, some nimrod saw the July 31st end date and helpfully rescheduled the install to August 1st. It's been both my and my mother's experience that ISPs do not understand that people do actually want overlapping service - Mom reported it took her, like, 45 minutes to convince the Verizon rep that she wanted internet access at her old place and her new for a month.

Your prediction?

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