Internet access restored at home. Yay. (Or should I say "set up"?) We also invested in a MicroCell from AT&T, which is this device you can plug in to your intartubes and it will strengthen your cell phone signal, which is desperately needed -- between being out near the edge of a cell and the thermal whatsit lining the attic* that also insulates from cell signal, we're lucky to get two bars inside and often get only one or none. And as we don't have a landline and rely on our two cell phones for telecommunication ... not good.

Also bought a big round rug for the living room. We were poking through the rugs in Lowe's looking for something for Toby's office when we found it on clearance for $30. It's neutral colors, has a ground of modern-ish squares and rectangles, and an overlay of florals. For $30 for a 7'10" diameter rug, I'll happily pretend it fits with the 1930s-ish decor I want.

* It's some sort of heat insulator thingamabob. Yay for Texas heat, boo for cell reception.

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