State of the Sora

Poor Sora is overnight at the vet tonight. I took him in to rule out any medical problems for his, er, inappropriate elimination issues, and they asked me to leave him for the day because they needed to check his urine for blood and crystals. He has not yet, er, produced, so he's there overnight, poor kitty.*

Nefer has celebrated by sleeping all day undisturbed by him.

Anyway, the vet agreed that a few things odd about Sora's Issues might point to a medical issue (which might be an underlying issue exacerbated by the stress of the move): it doesn't seem like marking behavior as we've discovered pee puddles on plastic bags** in the kitchen and living room and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings cleaned poo up which was deposited overnight right near the food bowls. Yesterday we added a second litterbox in the laundry room, and when I brought him in there and put him in it, he squatted but it took him a really long time to begin to pee, and although we had no surprises left for us overnight, yesterday evening we discovered a puddle right next to the new litterbox. Although the rest of his behavior has been perfectly normal.

So ... Sora remains a Cat of Mystery, at least about the state of his mental and physical health. The vet gave him a bit of a painkiller (at the end of a Traumatic Vet Visit that involved a Most Undignified poking and prodding of a Most Intimate Nature), so that if peeing causes him pain, it should relieve that for the moment.

We shall see.

* I suspect I am more traumatized them him. They said I could drop by this afternoon and visit, but I don't want to get his hopes for going home up and then dash them.

** Yay for that choice!

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