The Teaching Company, a place that sells awesome courses on audio and video that I've pimped here before, is having another one of their massive sales. 177 courses for under $75, many for under $35. For today (Saturday, U.S. Eastern time) only!

I can recommend these things from the sale (and more that aren't on sale!):

Medical Myths, Lies, and Half-Truths: What We Think We Know May Be Hurting Us by Steven Novella
Understanding the Fundamentals of Music by Robert Greenberg
Herodotus: The Father of History by Elizabeth Vandiver
Stress and Your Body by Robert Sapolsky
Great Masters: Tchaikovsky—His Life and Music Robert Greenberg
Great American Music: Broadway Musicals by Bill Messenger

I also tentatively recommend Bart Ehrmann's lectures on historical Christianity just because I really enjoy his books, but I haven't yet listened to any of his lectures.

Cut for list of stuff I want to get, so I have it in a big list for the next time stuff goes on sale.

Understanding the World's Greatest Structures: Science and Innovation from Antiquity to Modernity Stephen Ressler
Analysis and Critique: How to Engage and Write about Anything Dorsey Armstrong
Origins of the Human Mind Stephen P. Hinshaw
Games People Play: Game Theory in Life, Business, and Beyond Scott P. Stevens
Pompeii: Daily Life in an Ancient Roman City Steven L. Tuck
Lost Christianities: Christian Scriptures and the Battles over Authentication Bart D. Ehrman
History of the Bible: The Making of the New Testament Canon Bart D. Ehrman
Elements of Jazz: From Cakewalks to Fusion Bill Messenger
Beginnings of Judaism Isaiah M. Gafni
Italians Before Italy: Conflict and Competition in the Mediterranean Kenneth R. Bartlett
Terror of History: Mystics, Heretics, and Witches in the Western Tradition Teofilo F. Ruiz
Making History: How Great Historians Interpret the Past Allen C. Guelzo
The English Novel Timothy Spurgin
The Everyday Guide to Wine Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan
My Favorite Universe Neil deGrasse Tyson
Historical Jesus Bart D. Ehrman
Great Battles of the Ancient World Garrett G. Fagan
Masterpieces of the Imaginative Mind: Literature’s Most Fantastic Works Eric S. Rabkin

That's not all of the ones I want, just the ones in this particular sale. I need to poke through the rest of the site at some point and finish the list. :)

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