State of the Sora (and the Nefer)

Sora: back home, although he has been wigged out for a couple of days and very needy - I spent Friday and Saturday nights overheated because the furry little furnace glued himself to me overnight. No symptoms as far as we can see. He gets some canned food at the morning and evening feedings, and we're trying Felidae dry at the moment to see if Nefer pukes or not, so she gets that.

Nefer: wigged out as well! She spent Saturday extremely needy, following me around the house and whenever I sat down at the computer, she sat down RIGHT next to me and insisted on me scritching her. Which means she drooled all over the receipt from the vet. She's not *quite* so needy now, but still follows me fairly closely. It's like she figured we took Sora away for a while because he'd been bad and she doesn't want it to happen to her. No puking so far, and she likes Felidae. Doesn't eat as much of it as the other stuff, but as the other stuff was low-calorie for indoor cats and this is regular food, that makes sense.

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Tags: cats
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