my.nameis.me, a project to support your right to choose your own name on social networks.

I use [personal profile] telophase partly to separate my offline, non-fan life from my online fannish life, and partly because I've spent years establishing an online identity under that name. There's a bit of overlap - I blog under my real name on The Hooded Utilitarian, for one, and I use my first name at Librarian@Large - but the way I define it is that I use my real name for things that I may want to put on my resume/C.V. one day, or that I don't mind being revealed to my coworkers. The reason I don't link LJ/DW to my Facebook page is that I have coworkers on Facebook (having my office in a box in the basement means that the majority of my interaction with my coworkers occurs over email and on Facebook). I'm treating my Google+ account as if it were Facebook because of their real name policy.

It's probably telling that when I go to a convention and I want to be anonymous, I put my real name on my badge.

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