Mostly of birds on the feeder, although a couple of Sora and one of Nefer. Watching the birds on the feeder, at least in Sora's case.

Sora looking noble.

Nefer, in her preferred spot these days.

I liked the reflection here and only wish I could have got Sora more in focus.

We ended up with four of the sparrow-type things, and I'm now reconsidering my preliminary identification of field sparrows, since they all have marks on their breasts and field sparrows don't seem to. Hmmmm.

Bedraggled bird.

Keeping an eye on us.


The scratches on the window (from the previous owners' dogs, we think) look like raindrops. :)

I think this may be my best shot today. Still not 100% in focus, but the thing is trying to focus through double-paned glass on moving subjects in low lighting conditions.

I love this guy.

And these guys.

We had four birds at once as the highest number, but they couldn't tolerate that many at the same time and consistently argued until one or two flew off a short distance.

This guy's got a stray feather on his head, so I can tell him apart from the others, at least for today, until he grooms it back down or it falls out.

So forlorn.

Intent on the seeds.

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