Another odd dream last night -- I and three friends (not people I know in real life, in fact they looked like they came out of a Final Fantasy game) were frantically trying to sew something. We were in a room that was, at the same time, sort of like a residential lot. And the area was beginning to flood, threatening all the electronic equipment and stuff that was sitting about this room and others. But we had to finish sewing this thing, which turned out to be more of a corset/bodice thing. And then I had an idea - it looks like we could finish sewing it by hand, instead of machine, and thus could take turns sewing as the others spent the time throwing the stuff threatened by the flood onto items of furniture that would be standing out of the waters. So we went from room to room doing that. And in one room, one of the friends grabbed some sort of electronic doodad and started playing music on it.

I woke up at this point, and realized that (a) the friend looked like a chibi Sephiroth and (b) he was playing John Mellancamp's "Pink Houses."

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Tags: dream
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