Warning! Interior design discussed here!

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So we've got, well, purchased at least as most of it is to be delivered later, the major furniture items for the living room. I have a vague feel in my head that I want of "1930s adventure club" (note that's a theme, not a theme park!) and I rather think our motley collection of stuff will work with that*. This is what we have/have coming:

* Please don't tell me it won't, actually, as I will then collapse into a little ball of stress.

Already own two of these chairs. They look mid-century modern from the front, but have that 1930s swoopy feel from the side, and I was cuing off of that. They're also darker than this one.


Already own this coffee table, which I love. I especially love that it's vaguely reminiscent of East Asian design without being all O HAI I'M JAPANESE/CHINOISERIE!


Already have this, which is a photo of the Italian team from the 1908 New York-Paris Auto Race. (that would be New York to Paris via Asia - 6 teams entered, only 3 completed, the Italians came in 3rd.)


On the way, this sofa. It's taking a long time because we got it in this color, which was a special order, but YAY didn't cost any more, and we still got the sale price. I really do like the traditional club/library look, and think this updates it enough that the chairs won't look out of place.


And these chairs are also on their way. They're wingback-ish recliners. XD I was considering barrel chairs, as they had that 1930s feel, but couldn't find ones that I would condemn our RPG friends to sit in for six straight hours when they came over. So we went for the wingback look. The fabric actually has a bit of a pattern in it, unlike what it looks here.


And two facing walls will be lined with this sort of thing, full of all our books. Only one's got the glass doors on it, but we'll be alternating the half-size and full-size widths. These are being delivered today.


Things to look for:

a carpet, which needs to be about 8x10' or 11', and I'd sort of like it to look Turkish/Persian. Although my taste is larger than my budget - the ones I've seen that I liked are on the order of $800+ and that's out of the question. So, still looking.

side tables. We poked around Ashley Furniture last night (I've got a Living Social coupon, which gives us $100 of furniture for $25.) We found two tables we kind of liked. They don't match, but I think a mix-n-match thing will work better than matchy-matchy.

lamps. I like to be able to see to read, thank you. :)

STUFF! ACCESSORIES! We've got a niche begging to be filled! And a mantlepiece! I'm sort of thinking stuff like old maps, maybe one of the 1920s/30s car race posters from Allposters.com. We saw a smallish globe at Ashley's which looked old while at the same time having up-to-date countries. (There was a smaller one, but it had Zaire, not the Dem. Rep. of Congo, which makes it a no for me.)

The plastic penguin we own stays on the hearth. I rather like him.

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