Samurai Champloo

Okay, so here's the Samurai Champloo question I mentioned in the previous post. Toby, don't read this post as it will contain SERIES-DESTROYING spoilers.

Well, maybe not that series-destroying, but Toby will enjoy it much more going into the end arc blind. And actually, I lied because I have two questions, of a sort:

1) Fairly simple: The first episode we watched last night was the one where the fighting priests' field of dope gets set on fire and everyone gets stoned. Early in the ep, at the checkpoint while talking about executions, there's a flash of two wooden crosses, and later on Jin and Fuu are elevated on crosses to be executed. It seems this is a conscious reference to the eventual Christianity-in-Japan story elements, right? Was that a standard method of execution in Japan at some point, or was it mostly relegated to Christians? (I suppose as a librarian I ought to look that up myself, but see previous post about withdrawal symptoms* and add to that a complete inability to concentrate on anything right now. :P)

2) Years ago someone, somewhere, posted a theory that the zombie episode and the baseball episode were actually dreams of Mugen and Jin's. Does anyone remember that theory or have a link to the post about them?

* You have no idea how badly my typing has deteriorated right now, and how much I've had to edit these two posts today. *twitch*

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