The Daytripper

Well. Just caught an episode of a Texas travel show called The Daytripper, which has that local-cable feel and lots of cornball humor. This episode was College Station, which is where I grew up. So if you want to go experience a bit of where I grew up, head over to their website where you can watch that episode and others in this season.

Aggies on my f-list: he features Layne's. Non-Aggies on my f-list: Layne's is an Aggieland staple. It sells chicken fingers. That's the only entree you'll get. They're accompanied by a brown sauce that people swear has crack in it. The secret to Layne's is, I believe, that you have to have gone there while you were in school at Texas A&M and be filled with nostalgia while eating their chicken fingers. Because their chicken fingers are, basically, decent chicken fingers but nothing special. And their brown sauce is your generic brown gravy with a fuckton of pepper in it which, to my mind, overwhelms any other flavors that might be in it. Feel free to argue otherwise in the comments, but you're not changing my mind. I've eaten there. More than once. :)

ANYWAY, there are a couple of recently-moved-here people on the f-list who, I suspect, will be interested in the other episodes that The Daytripper has to offer, for the purposes of making, well, daytrips around the state.

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