Crafty people?

So ... got a question here. So Restoration Hardware has some overpriced pillow covers that look like they're made out of old feed sacks and similar-type fabrics, which I kind of like. KnockOff Decor has a couple of ways to do something similar, like stenciling and I found a similar one using office-supply-store iron-on sheets (no link because I forgot where I found it, and the pillow link at KOD goes to a missing tutorial on another blog).

I don't particularly care to do all the work involved in stenciling, especially because I'd rather use a slightly more complicated patterns or images, like some of the stuff in the New York Public Library's Digital Gallery, and I hate hate hate the iron-on sheets because they leave transparent material around the design after you iron it on (the tutorial I found and promptly lost had it quite visible in one of the photos, although another photo was stages so you couldn't see it). (ETA: Or there's the hand-painting time-sink. Also, this is not the iron-on one I'm talking about, but you get the same idea of the transparent stuff from the pictures.)

So ... ideas for transferring images onto fabric? There's always the possibility of one of those sites that prints patterns on fabric for you, although that will drive the cost up to close to the RH prices if I use good fabric, so it's a last resort for me because I start thinking that I could just save my time and buy the damn things. There's the products that allow you to print your own pattern on fabric with your printer but I want pillows larger than 8.5x11", which is what our current printer handles.

ETA2: Putting this link to the Graphics Fairy here to look through later for possible images.

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