A breakthrough!

Work outside for twenty minutes without triggering a migraine!

We're having a cold snap, it seems, which this summer means that today is expected to only get up to 97°F instead of 108°F*, and this morning it was 81.5° when I got up, so I seized the opportunity to rinse off the bird feeder and bird baths with a bleach solution (preventing spread of avian pox), put out the new hummingbird feeder we bought**, watered the aloe who was looking very thirsty, and did a small bit of weeding.

Now to sit around for a bit before we head to AnimeFest for a couple of hours to bring lunch to friends on con staff there.

* Tomorrow 92°F! BREAK OUT THE PARKA

** I probably shouldn't have filled it full, as the stuff will probably ferment before the hummingbirds find it, but we'll see. And it's a bit close to the seed feeder right now, but if we DO get a hummingbird or two (or 3 or 4, etc.), we've got another stake to hold a feeder that we can put up elsewhere in the yard if they prove too aggressive. Anyway, our yard has bushes with flowers on them, so I am cautiously optimistic we'll get some. Mom tells me that it's a bad year for hummingbirds because of the drought, and people are encouraged to put feeders out.

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