So ... The Sims

As you may know if you've been reading this journal, I succumbed and bought The Sims. While I've mostly been messing about with Sims created to resemble characters from my old webcomic, I also created Sims to resemble me, Toby, and the two cats. The two cats are currently in human form, as Sims Pets isn't out until October. :)

So, as totally not requested, here are a few highlights of my first session playing with our little fictional family.

Here we all are - this isn't actually a screenshot but a phone pic of my screen, hence the blurriness. Toby looks about as much like Toby as it's possible to get and be a six-inch-tall cartoon character. Nefer is way Gothy because I was trying to approximate her stripes and didn't realize how gothed-out she was getting until it was all over (Note her kitten heels, to approximate how dainty her paws are. :D). Sora is, well, Sora. There wasn't a Mama's Boy personality trait, so I made him Family Oriented and Toby Hates Children, so that pretty much works out the same. Sora is also a Coward. :)

Here we are outside our house. This is actually my second attempt - the first time I attempted to play with the family I accidentally bought a plot of land instead of a house, so we wandered around a vacant lot for a while until I threw in the towel and restarted. Toby is picking up a random piece of ore/uncut gem that happens to be sitting around. Sora is busy fearing the vet the doctor - unfortunately I hit the screenshot button just after he shivered in fear.

Yes that is a gravestone. The house was built on an old graveyard and we had ghosts wandering around the house for a while until we called a ghostbuster to come fix the problem.

Nefer and Sora tend to fend for themselves for meals. Here they are enjoying plates of burnt waffles that Nefer made while she discusses theoretical physics with Sora.

We had a couple of neighbors show up, so I invited them in. The woman immediately snuck off with Toby to the bedroom for a conversation.

However, it turned out that he was really boring so she left him there.

Sora solicits a hug from his mum. Awwwwwww! Nefer is indeed thinking about a toilet - the Sims need to attend to bathroom functions also - and heading off to the bathroom.

Toby randomly decides to ignore our guests and go brush his teeth. I'm pretty sure I gave him the trait of being Clean, to approximate how the real-life Toby tends to pick stuff up around the house, but it seems to translate more to a tendency to randomly shower, wash hands, and brush teeth, so may have been more appropriate for the cats.

I note that in this instance the Sims-Toby had just used the bathroom, then skipped washing his hands and went straight for his teeth.

Toby then went in to make mac and cheese. He went to town on it, starting from scratch, but then managed to set the stove on fire.

The rest of us, guests included, stood around panicking until the unflappable Nefer put the fire out.

I then went to bed, and Nefer crawled in beside me. Sora wanted to go to bed as well, but were thwarted by Nefer and I. Sora cries and stamps his feet for a while.

Then Toby decides he's sleepy and wants to go to bed. He also cries and stamps his feet, thwarted by Nefer taking over his side of the bed (which happens in real life, too. Not the crying and stamping of feet, but Nefer taking over his side.)

Toby wanders off to the living room and crashes on the couch. Sora watches him, very tired, but unhappy that he can't lie down and sleep anywhere.

He tries to sit near the sleeping Toby for a while, but can't get any rest.

I finally take pity on Sora and buy him a bed, into which he gratefully crawls and falls asleep.

(Toby got up halfway through the night and took another shower, then went back to bed on the couch, but I didn't take any screenshots of that.)

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