Insurance prescription woes. Not, in the scheme of things, a big one, as I'll still get all my meds at the same amount I've been paying for them, which I can afford, but an annoying one: my job's prescription coverage uses Preferred Pharmacies (which may be a new thing), and my pharmacy isn't one of them. So I'm going to have to transfer everything by the first of the year, and it's going to be one that I have to drive out of my way to, as there isn't one close by.

And my prescription coverage really doesn't understand I WOULD RATHER PAY MORE TO BE ABLE TO GET MY MEDS TODAY THAN TO PAY LESS AND TRUST THEM TO THE VAGARIES OF THE U.S. POSTAL SERVICE (and my own inability to get my prescription mailed in on time - ADHD folks, it's a SYMPTOM!). They periodically try to suggest their mail-in service to me, and their latest attempt to make people switch was to force us to choose whether we want to use our own pharmacy or the mail-in service by telling them explicitly on their website. And when I did that, they STILL phoned me up to ask me the same question. And now this Preferred Pharmacy crap.

It's annoying enough that they switch brands of generics without TELLING me. I just want to use the most convenient pharmacy to me!

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Tags: whinging
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