Poor Sora!

Sora spent the morning as Toby and I were getting ready trying to persuade us to feed him. I think the only reason he doesn't wake us up in the mornings* is that we don't feed the cats immediately, but wait for a bit before doing so. (I highly recommend this course of action to prevent your cat from waking you up an hour before the alarm!)

Anyway, this morning, as I was opening the bag of birdseed to refill the feeder, Sora apparently thought it might be his food, so came running over, which made Toby laugh. Toby's laugh scared Sora, who turned and ran towards the coffee table.

Toby reports this next bit, as it happened behind my back. Sora was apparently undecided as to whether he wanted to jump up on top of the coffee table and run away that way, or to run under the table and hide. So he jumped directly into the table, smacking into it with his chest, so his front paws were on top of the table, and sending coasters flying.

This caused Toby to fall down laughing. At which Sora took offense, and he spent the rest of the morning slinking off until he finally found a hiding place and wouldn't be cajoled from it -- wherever it was -- by food or by us calling to him gently.

I envision him hiding behind the dryer or something, sniffing plaintively, and mumbling "You're not my real parents!" to himself.

* Usually. Although Toby is the one who feeds him, he wakes me up if Toby forgets to feed him at night. Or if he's lonely and wants to snuggle.

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