We finally got our bedframe delivered yesterday, although we've had the headboard for quite some time. We put the frame together last night (although didn't attach the headboard because it was 10:30 when we finished and we both wanted sleep more than we wanted the headboard attached).

And then we put the mattress and box springs on, and ... dude. That is one tall bed. Yes, it's because it's designed in the European style to have curved slats as the base, so you don't need box springs, although it said you could use box springs or not as you wished. I'm just glad we got the slimline box springs. (And they were thrown in with the mattress price so that if we get rid of them at some point, it won't feel like we're throwing money away.)

You can't really tell from this pic how tall it is. I should have put someone in there for scale. :)

Headboard goes on tonight!

P.S. The cover with elephants is a gift from a former grad student who worked for me about a decade ago. All the Indian students who worked for me gave us presents when they left (I approve of this custom!), and she gave me that. She told me that it's a thin cotton coverlet they use in the summer to cover the beds so dust doesn't get into them. I'd been using it as a table cover at artist alleys, but pulled it out for its proper use this summer, as it was exactly the right weight.

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