Pictures of our living room as it currently stands, the media room, and a couple of pics of kittyspam.

Starting off with some kittyspam to lull you into a false sense of security, here's Sora doing his best to ignore the hell out of me.

The living room as you approach it from the hall. The chaise is standing in as a sofa until the sofa actually arrives, whereupon the chaise will take up its rightful place in the master bedroom.

Also, we have no table lamps yet. :D

And here's the living room from the POV of the master bedroom. Again, chaise pretending to be a sofa.

The fiction books and American comics are filed over on that side of the room. Note my TOTALLY AWESOME method of saving space: we arranged the books alphabetically by author, and if a particular letter had enough mass market size paperbacks that they took up less space stacked on their backs, that's what I did. It looks kind of nifty. The Roomba box on the right holds cat toys and will be finding a new home at some point, and the book box you can barely glimpse at the left holds the latest culls to go to Half Price Books. A lot of duplicated books, mostly.

Kittyspam! Nefer going "Oh god, she's got that clicky light-flashy thing again."

And now the other side of the room. The rug in there is not working for me - I think a larger, rectangular one will work better. We will be moving this one into the master bedroom once a suitable replacement has been selected. The nonfiction books, manga, RPG manuals, and cookbooks are over on this side of the room.

We had way fewer books than we thought we had. We thought they'd fill up all the shelves. It's a combination of me doing severe culling and buying 95% of my books for the past year and a half as ebooks, and the shelves being longer than my previous bookcases.

Librarian protip: books look nicer in shelves if you pull them up to the front of the shelf instead of pushing them all the way to the back. And that way you don't pull the nails on the cheap IKEA backing out! Mind you, if you have so many books you have to double-stack, then you can't take advantage of that. :)

And a bit farther over. Yes the piece of paper temporarily taped up there has the Dewey Decimal system on it. I AM A LIBRARIAN DAMMIT and no way was I going to file them according to the LoC system.

Nefer again, letting me know her exact opinion of having a large flashy thing stuck in her face.

The fireplace. The photo will be hung up on the wall. It's just sitting on top of the mantel and leaning for now. The penguin is there to keep the cats from jumping onto the mantel from the cat furniture and then knocking the picture down. He will eventually move to the hearth instead. The collection of detritus on the hearth is waiting for us to find homes for it all.

The niche next to the fireplace will be dealt with later. The TV and cable box will be moving into the master bedroom. They were first set up there, before we got the cable drop in the media room.

And another angle.

And another.

This is the recliner we bought from Macy's. Its pair is now living in my office, after we realized there was Too Much Stuff in the living room. I wanted a chair in my office anyway, and we now had an extra one, and it works out perfectly.

I bought the trunk-looking side table from Joss & Main, an online site that put a few interior decorating things on sale every day, and makes you sign up to be a member so you feel you're getting something exclusive. They do have pretty good prices if something you're looking for, like a side table, comes up. (I always check Amazon and other places to see if I'm getting a good deal or not before I buy. I've only bought two things from them.)

Fireplace again. Because you know you wanna.

Aaaand one more of the central grouping of furniture. Cannot wait until the sofa comes in, and we can buy side tables and reading lamps for it. Don't want to do so until then, as I don't yet have the feel of how large the sofa is. (I did measure - at 77" it's only a few inches larger than the chaise.)

And now our kitchen! Mostly for the painting I got from my grandparents, which we hung here.

And now the media room! The round console table is the one I had all the Drama with Target about a few weeks ago. But it works nicely, and we don't bump our hips into a rectangular table as we're walking around it now.

View towards the television and the Tower of Power.

Yes that is a white (ish) shag rug. I felt the room called for one.

Looking towards the entrances to the dining room/kitchen and the hall. There isn't enough room to make the loveseat and chaise into a couch the way we had it at the other house, so we strapped 'em together with Velcro cable ties on the legs and made a large ... thing. It also served quite well as a bed when we had friends over a couple of weeks back. :D It also easily pushes back when we want to use the Kinect.

And one last shot, with a better view of the large comfy couch-thingy. It's a bit awkward to get out of, but it's quite nice to recline like Romans at parties. The blank wall will eventually get a picture or something, but I don't know what yet.

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