Well, as long as we're making fun of fashion...

There is actually nothing egregiously wrong with the clothes in this picture* in the email Avenue sent to me. But I looked at the picture and my VERY FIRST IMPRESSION of the model in the middle was that she was portraying the evil CEO in some movie. There's just something about her expression mixed with the Chanel-knockoff suit.

Presumably the other two are her coordinated minions ready to go out and fashionably kick some ass when the CEO needs someone's ass kicked.

P.S. Their workwear is 25% off for two days, if you like their clothes. Use code AV111277 when checking out.

* Except that it takes a certain sort of body and confidence to be able to wear them without being overwhelmed by the baggy shirt on the left, the giant cowl-neck on the right, or the mile of pink tweed in the middle, but that's not a crime.

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